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New Slot Games

It is easy for new slot players to continuously go back to their favourite free slot games over and over again. They are familiar with how the slot site game works, how likely it is to pay out and clearly it is enjoyable enough for them to revisit it in more than one sites in New Zealand.

This is perfectly fine, however, it becomes a great way to get sick of slots pretty quickly. Think about it. You go to the same slot site, play the same game and then leave. Sure, you might receive consecutive wins for a while but this is a sure fire way to let slot games become stale for you. Why waste all those spins on selected games.

So, what’s the answer? Luckily for us, slot developers are always hard at work creating new slot games. These all vary between stakes and theme and so you are always likely to find a slot that suits you. Break out of the boredom and try some of these new slots for yourself.

Where does one find these new slots and where should you play new online slot titles?

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Why play on new slot sites?

It is not just new slots that are being developed. There are also tons of new slot sites cropping up to house all the new slot games coming down the pipe. These new NZ sites are a new player’s best friend for several reasons. They are able to provide the most up to date and technologically relevant material to ensure that players get the best experience with their online slot games.

You won’t find any outdated material here, just smooth running new slot games designed to hook new players immediately. Experienced players shouldn’t feel left out though. They too can enjoy all of these benefits. All they have to do is sign up and enjoy these brand new slot sites which reward loyalty bonuses, comp points and VIP bonus rewards (such as extra spins) to enjoy new slots or more classic online slot games. The most brand new slot sites benefits include:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Free spins
  • All of the newest slots   
  • 1st deposit bonuses

We will get to all of the juicy welcome bonuses in a bit but first, let’s take a look at what you can expect from some of these new slot games. The picks we discuss below are available to most new slots sites NZ and usually come with any of the following offers for New Zealand players:

  • 20 extra spin to play the best slots upon the 1st deposit
  • 50 bonus spins with 20 max bonus bet to be used with 72 hours
  • Deposit 20 max bonus $50, which is subject to 35x wagering
  • Some new sites even provide free spins up to the 3rd deposit bonus funds

New slot site offers are usually subject to 35x wagering, while the bonus funds are seperate from your cash. One bonus offer per player is mostly applicable, and these might have to be used within 72 hours bonus funds have been claimed. Wagering the total bonus and meeting the wagering requirements depend on the offer 18 new players will claim.

Latest Slots to play in 2021

We have built up these new online slots already so what are the latest slot games coming down the pipe that you should keep an eye out for.    

Street fighter 2 new online slots

This is a new NZ slot sites game developed by NetEnt, a company that new slots players will become very familiar with in time. Now they have taken this well-known video game IP and created another new slot game for the series. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior slot takes all of the graphical influences from the video game and splashes it across its 5 reels. As always, the aim to spin the reels and match up the games symbols 3,4 or 5 times in a pay line to win. These symbols are all delightfully 8-bit card royals and characters from the game. The RTP rate is an average of 96% and players can start playing with a minimum bet of 0.20p up to a maximum of $700. That’s not why new players will want to give this a try however.

Fans of the Street Fighter games will love the bonus features on offer as they are ripped straight from the video game. Players can pick a character and fight to earn more coins. Plus there is the beat the boss battle feature where players can fight to earn some bonus spins.   

Sylvan Spirits new slots

Sylvan Spirits is another 5 reel new slot site game only this time it is developed by Red Tiger Gaming, one developer renowned for creating only the best new slots. These reels are hidden within a magical forest and the idea is to match up the symbols in a pay line to win. Each symbol represents a different multiplier, the highest being 99x your initial stake. There are talking animals, magic runes and enchanting theme music to which players away to this fantasy dimension.

In the bonus features we have mega wilds, which fulfil the function of a regular wild only it fills up more of the screen to match up more symbols for the player, leading to more total bonus cash. As with all the best new NZ slot games, Sylvan Spirits also has a free spin feature to help players multiplier climb even higher.

You can play Sylvan Spirits for as little as 10p or as much as $10 and enjoy a solid RTP rate of 95%. New players that enjoy magical fantasy realms will want to give this one a try at the best brand new slot sites.

Genie’s Palace new online slots

Keeping things in the magical realm we have the 5 reels new online slots game Genie’s Palace. Match up the coloured gems to win multipliers of your stake which can be anywhere between 25p and $500. With an RTP rate of 96% this is not a bad idea. Landing the genie symbol will add them to a train that will travel across the reels on a spin. This train will collect wild symbols and once all the wilds are collected, the genie will take its place becoming a more frequently appearing symbol. That’s some serious total bonus cash. When the player stops landing the Genie, the bonus shall be removed. New Slots player will have guessed that this online slot also has some bonus spins available. If you are into fairly simple slot games, Genie’s Palace is one you should give a spin.

All of these new slot sites games have been recently released and can be found at easy slots if they have tickled your curiosity. So, we have all of these new online slots coming our way but what about all of those great offers I mentioned earlier?

Slot Offers at New Sites

The most rewarding part of signing up at new slot sites is the bonus offers that a player can receive. This is a bonus given to new players that sign up with the site. These come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to lure players over to use the new slots site. What are these offers?

Well, there are several popular bonuses that new slots players can expect. These are:   

  • Free spins - this is bar far the most common welcome offer and is the perfect bonus for people looking to play new online slots. You can receive these as a 1st deposit bonus or a no deposit bonus and it is exactly what you think it is. These free spins can be used across the sites range of slots and act as a kind of tutorial for new players. Some sites offer as much as 100 bonus spins. Some casino sites restrict players by only allowing players the ability to use spins on selected games, usually the new ones.
  • Free deposit bonus - another self-explanatory bonus, the free deposit bonus is just that. It is a free deposit amount that can be used to try out the new online slots offerings. These funds count towards wagering. Once this deposit amount runs out, the player can then put down a deposit of their own to keep on playing. Bonus funds must be used be used by the expiry date otherwise any unused bonus will be forfeit. Always read the terms and conditions.  
  • Matched deposit bonus- this is a welcome bonus that will always require a 1st deposit amount. This is because this bonus matches however much you have just deposited in the form of credit. For example, if you make a deposit of $10, the new slot site will gift you with a further $10 worth of credit. Therefore, new players will get to play new slot games for much longer. Again make sure you read the terms and conditions to understand when or if this bonus shall be removed. This is also sometimes limited by a per player minimum deposit. After all, casino sites can’t be handing out tons of free credit to those making large 1st deposits.

These are all types of bonuses available at new slot sites right now and there is usually only one offer per player minimum. However there are some things to keep in mind.

New Slot Sites Wagering Requirements

A wagering requirement is a criteria that new NZ players must meet in order to unlock the welcome bonus. The most obvious of these is the fact that they must be a new player signing up for the first time. That comes as standard when it comes to new slot games offers, such as free spins, bonus spins or bonuds cash.

Other wagering requirements will be found in the terms and conditions of the bonus offer per player and can include things like one bonus offer per person, age limits (18 new players) and time restrictions such as the bonus must be used within 30 days or used within 72 hours. Other may be region specific for example available to NZ players only. These requirements aren’t too stringent but are important things to be aware of as new slots players. Always make sure you thoroughly read through the terms and conditions. Please play responsibly.

Anyone unsure of all the laws and regulations surrounding the act of gambling should visit Here, you will all the information you need before you start playing new online slots. I have already laid out the reasons why you should be playing new slot games, but who exactly is giving us these slots? There can’t just be one company pumping them out.

New Slot Games Developers

As well as a surplus of new slot games always coming our way, there are plenty of new slots developers. These companies aim to keep things fresh and have plenty of other examples to draw from when trying to create the best new slots. Here are the new developers that you should take a look at.


QuickSpin are a Swedish slot game developer founded in 2016. They may have only been around for four years and yet they have stayed true to their promise of delivering 13 new slot games per year. That means we can definitely expect 13 new slots from them in 2021. Want to get brushed up on their previous work? Try out Dinosaur Rage, Loco the Monkey, Big Bad Wolf and Crystal Prince to get a feel for their story driven slots. Follow colourful protagonists as the reels spin to earn players fantastic prizes.      

Red Tiger Gaming: When searching for the best looking new slot games, you should definitely turn your attention toward Red Tiger Gaming. They really put in the extra effort to make sure that their online slots fit the theme they are aiming for and look stunning. This is a company that have made a huge name for themselves since their inception in 2014, so much so that the company was recently absorbed by Evolution Gaming. Their back catalogue includes Regal Streak, the aforementioned Sylvan Spirits, 10,001 Nights and Path of Destiny. Check out their website and you will be hit with a wave of gold.  


The oldest company on this new developer list, Yggdrasil have existed since 2013. Seven years is still pretty young for a slot games developer. They were one of the first companies to try and emphasise the importance of mobile gaming. A tactic that seemed to have worked as mobile slots are now some of the most popular slot games on the market.

Again, Yggdrasil favour character and theme in their new slots. You can see this at work in new slots such as Wolf Hunters, Golden Fish Tank, Rainbow Ryan and Reptoids

Big Time Gaming

This is a new slots game company that has been around since 1996. But that isn’t very new. Sure, big time gaming might have existed for a long time but their main focus being creating great online slots is a relatively new endeavour. They were at the forefront of physical casino and slot machines but now they have taken on the world of online slot games. It seems that they have already won.

Big time Gaming’s new slot games include the likes of Slot Vegas, Royal Mint Megaways, Monopoly Megaways and Opal Fruits. All of these new slots work fine on PC but to really make the most of the experience, try playing these new slot games on your mobile. If you are looking to play new online slots in the New Year, checking out these developers sites is a great place to start. All of their upcoming new slots will be available to play on new slot sites. It isn’t just the new slot developers that are making big changes to the slot gaming formula. Now there are new ways to deposit and play.

New Payment Methods at Slots Sites

To keep up with the changing times, online casino sites are accepting all sorts of new deposit methods. Some of these you may have heard of before but first we need to know why the old deposit methods are a bit outdated in 2020.

To play new online slots, players are required to sign up to a casino site. Here, they will be asked to provide their card details in order to make deposits through their bank account.

New players may find this to be a little invasive or not very secure. Online casinos do their best to ensure that they provide the best online security for their customers but they are not invincible. Hacking can occur and it is because these card details are floating around online.

That is why these new payment methods have become available. First off, we have eWallets. Sites like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and the PaySafe card all offer their customers the opportunity to transfer their money safely onto their site in a holdings account. This is called an eWallet and it has a lot more security surrounding it.

Using an eWallet, players can deposit money into their casino account without the worry of having to put their personal details on another site. You can also withdraw money from your casino account into your eWallet making these sites the perfect middle man.

The second new payment method is cryptocurrency. This may sound controversial, but there are new online slot sites out there that are perfectly happy to receive things like Bitcoin as currency to play slots. Cryptocurrency is a digital value that can be purchased by using real money. Since this currency is digital, every transaction can be traced. This means that if it is stolen or used incorrectly, the company can easily track who took it.

Using cryptocurrency is a great way to bypass any security issues that players may have. Just be aware that the value of cryptocurrency does fluctuate with the stock market. This means that your cryptocurrency amount might not have the same value from day to day. Also, some casino sites only offer players cash only bonus funds. Unfortunately this means that cryptocurrency is discounted when bonuses are in play.

But what should new players be using these deposit methods on, new online slots or the most popular slots.

New slots vs Popular Slots

This is a common debate had among slot players. Which one is better to play, new slots or the most popular slots. The positives for playing new online slots is that these games have all of the most up to date graphics and tech innovations. If something wasn’t working in slot games before, perhaps a slots bonus spins can only be used at select times, then it won’t be featured in these newer slots.

Also, players are far more likely to receive bonuses for playing the new slots. These sign up bonuses are designed to get players to use these slots and so you can enjoy something like 50 bonus spins more than on an older slot game.

Now, let’s look at some of the more popular slots. Slot games like Goblin’s Cave. Book of Dead and Starburst have been around for years and their popularity stems from very different places.

Starburst is a slot game that features bright colours and not many bonus rounds. It is easy to pick up and play multiple rounds and that is why it is popular. What if you are a player that like bonus rounds? This slot is definitely not for you.

The same goes for Goblin’s Cave. This is a slot game with a heavy fantasy theme. What if you prefer a slot with a more serious tone? You won’t like this.

Therefore, the factors that lead to a slot game becoming popular cannot be generalised across the entire player base. A person’s favourite slot is subjective and this means that they are better off looking at new slot games as they may provide what they are looking for rather than just playing what is most popular. With this in mind, let’s look at what new slot games are coming our way next year.

New Online Slots to expect in 2021

After going through all of the reasons why new players should be playing new slot games, what games should we be looking forward to. Luckily there are plenty of slot games that have been announced for 2021 and aren’t that far away. Here are the slots you should keep an eye on in 2021.

  • Ingots of Cai Shen - This MicroGaming slot game is coming our way in January. It boasts a cartoon aesthetic and looks to be loosely based on Chinese culture.
  • Johan Legendarian - A slot from Yggdrasil, this new online slot looks to take on an ancient Aztec theme. Johan is the central character and the game is expected to hit ours screens in March.
  • Kluster Krystal Megaways - this is a new slot game from Relax Gaming that’s title suggests it will be a cluster slot game. This means that players aren’t just aiming to line up symbols in a horizontal line, they can connect them in large groups. Also, with this being a Megaways slot, you can expect to lots of ways to win here. Kluster Krystal Megaways will also be landing in January.
  • Dinosaur Rage - one of the 13 slot games coming from Quickspin next year is Dinosaur Rage. As you may have guessed, this is a prehistoric themed slot game where the symbols will be large dinosaurs and, hopefully, the prizes will also be large. This is a new slot game that will be crashing in to view in February.

Out of all of these new slot games coming in 2021, which one are you most looking forward to Whichever one you like the look, there are plenty of slots on the horizon for new players to sink their teeth into.

Last Notes on New Slot Games & Slots Sites

New slot games are what keep the slot games industry alive. There will never be a shortage of slots coming out and there are plenty of ideas left for slot developers to explore.

Haven’t found the right slot game for you yet? Don’t worry. With technology constantly moving and plenty of new developers on the rise, it won’t be long before the perfect slot lands in your lap. Who knows? 2021 could be the year you commit to being a full time new slot game player.

Many of the best new slots we touched upon here are available on our site. Make sure to check them out and please playr responsibly. Free spins 18 new players from New Zealand can expect on our site. The best new slot bonus funds are subject to 35x wagering the total bonus wins. These mut be met within 30 days otherwise shall be removed bonus.

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